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Paintings with Indian influences

Paintings relating to nature

On Feminity and Womanhood


Chachaji's Cup.  Illustrated by Soumya Sitaraman

Lifelines Series

Lifelines series



Through powerful use of color

& characteristic

directional energy,


I evaluate choices,

express issues concerning


the Sensual woman


personal experiences in my native India,

woven through deep rooted cultural bonds

in a unique,

contemporary perspective,


highlighting dissonance

between Social Thought

and Practice


The beauty and power of regenerative resilience in woman and natural habitat alike carries through as resonant energy in my work. As I explore deep-rooted cultural bonds through modern perspectives, the excitement of discovery and revelation, insight and inspiration, permeates the images I create, seeping in as potent colors on textured surfaces. 

My latest series, Lifelines, visually imprints the individual's intangible sense of self on the thumbprint: a tangible, impersonal, static mark of public, political and social serialization in distinct personality portraits.

The whorls of a thumbprint are as singular as the private journeys people take toward self-knowledge and definition. An individual's fluid sense of personal identity, hidden between the lines, evolves through difficult personal choices to achieve a sense of balance in this diverse world.

The subjects of this series are represent different ethnic, and sexual personal choice pools. Consequently these distinct personality portraits explore the abstracts of identity through mixed media installation and oil on canvas embellished with surface embroidery following the contours of a thumbprint.

Through storytelling, the series provides the searching viewer a Lifeline of support and aims to continue to expand awareness in inclusion and diversity by providing a bookmark about personality and personal choice resolution in this multicultural world.  

Life in all its forms is to be celebrated.

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