Art At Its Most Vibrant!

Dr. Priya Balu (On behalf of the University of Toronto Arts Council)

The Toronto Globe & Mail, April 3 1997

A viewing of talented Soumya Sitaraman's art website a' la gallery was a revealing suprise. The compilation of her paintings was done with a form and elegance, which actually lit up my otherwise dull computer terminal. Soumya is an artist who seems to have come in to her own, her paints portray an earthy beauty and exude a sense of vitality in their explosion of colour. '"Dubba Chetty' catches ones eye at once with its theme and ructicity. I was transported to that fragment of India where Soumya portrays a lifestyle of an era fast dying out. The blurbs which accompanied each painting were equally interesting giving the observer an insight in to this creative artists mind. Soumya is a talent to ba reckoned with and I wish her every succuess , along with an invitation to bring her abundant creativity to Toronto to share with its people's her vision of a brighter world.