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Chachaji's Cup.  Illustrated by Soumya Sitaraman

Lifelines Series

Lifelines series



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Paintings relating to nature

Paintings relating to nature

On Feminity and Womanhood

On Feminity and Womanhood

Influences of India

Influences of India


· "Soumya Sitaraman's work directs observation of complex social issues through her subtle narratives and visually bold imagery. Her singular use of texture and color demand attention to realms that as a society, we are rapidly becoming oblivious…When she paints, she thinks of the constant reevaluation of life systems, of death and rebirth, her awe of nature, the connection between the individual and the natural world…" Jan Rindfleisch- Executive Director, Euphrat Museum of Art

· "Her (Soumya Sitaraman's work) involving on one hand, modernism's most radical pictorial impulses - and on the other, to the pre-modern tradition of painting as an activity that involves deliberation, premeditation and the rational engagement of the artist…they convey the abstract attributes of the natural world". · "Her paintings are more densely filled with incident and thus more visibly concerned with such considerations as space, figure and ground and light…her work acquires a kind of strength one associates with spontaneous and authentic painting…The painted areas are transformed from static precincts into a celebration of colors and interior space simultaneously becomes more complex and lively." Anjali Sircar- Art Critic and reviewer

· "The function of art is to disturb - and yours does in the nicest way. I am amazed at what you have in you. You bring a lot of joy. The very best to you, you have to keep this going." Usha Sekar CEO Cria Technologies .

"My new year has been blessed with getting to know you. Thank you for inviting me to your show. You are a very special being on this earth and I watch your beauty like I watch a star or a flower and marvel with this moment of life. We are all passing and I am glad I have met you along my path" Laura Esparza. Director, Mexican Heritage Plaza

· "Execuenie y gracias" James Prigoff- Art Historian

· "While the seven artists included in this group exhibition are all of Indian descent, the work presented didn't necessarily reflect a deliberately "South Asian" aesthetic -- and that, despite the show's decidedly ethnic focal point, proved to be its strength. "Voices" represented a diverse spectrum of themes, styles, content, and forms -- and thus reflected the pluralism of the motherland of the artists without a sense of blunt, "stereotypic" expressions of the Indian and Indian-American experience" Reena Jana Asian Art News, Hong Kong. ("Voices" curated by Soumya Sitaraman, San Francisco).

· "Don't let preconceived notions of Indian art sway you, for the key word here is contemporary. Sitaraman, for example, has created a mural she calls "What we live by" -on a Volkswagen Beetle." San Jose Mercury News: Artbeat Column by Leigh Weimers

· "Wonderful! Keep bringing in Consciousness to the Art world" Mike Grady Chair Dept. of Arts and Consciousness, John F. Kennedy University

· "Soumya, this is incredible…full of energy and inspiration, critique and celebration." Leslie Simon, Lecturer, Women in the Arts studies.

· "Thanks for driving to the outstanding AAWAA panel which you organized last night. Your talent, intelligence and luster brings so much to AAWAA. It's obvious to me that you are an integral part of our art community. I loved watching you last night." Flo (Flo Oy Wong, Artist, recipient National Endowment for the Arts)

· "you are doing things that I see and hear are catalysts for action in new directions. The shows you put together are the needed start to bring visibility to women of SE Asian. As a free lance curator with museology certification, I can say you speak very well for the art and artists." Lucy Arai, Curator with museology certification, artist.

. "Contrary to fears of one's real identity getting stretched out of shape and lost in a multi-cultural world, Soumya's art is reassuring in its emphasis on empowered women with consciously made choices, her defined individuality resonating in all social inter-relationships with the combined vibes of inherited cultural memory and contemporary perspectives of the culture she lives in. Tangible material and symbolic representation unite in unique art arrangements… This exhibition would have provided the ideal centrepoint for meaningful interaction with contemporary artists residing in and around Chennai". Leela Vankatraman, Art Critic and reviewer

. "Her installations have a certain soul-searching immediacy and a gut wrenching questioning .The simplicity in her approach subjects is what sets Soumya Sitaraman apart from the rest Asian Women artists working from the USA. Or for that matter, from her own generation of women artists, who, in the process of trying to explore their psyche as women artists, tend to create images that border on the flippant or turn out to be too gimmicky." Ranjan De. Art Critic and reviewer

· "I honor your ability to let others into your work: to be both personal and universal. You have a Voice." Jal Burganar

· "This art work is beautiful. it is shocking some of the emotions it can stir in you. after viewing this, I am inspired to go dig out the painting supplies." visitor to the web gallery

· Thank you for reminding us of the gifts we have to give the little ones as they journey into the future…Rita

."A truly exhilarating feeling to see such a brilliant use of simple day to day things in life" Sonali. Art Collector

·· "Extremely Sensitive and Beautiful" Manisha Jain, Art Critic and reviewer

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